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Dozens of employees have been beaten at the largest iPhone factory in the world

Dozens of employees were beaten at the world’s largest iPhone factory, located in central China’s Chengzhou, after staging mass demonstrations on Wednesday.

Videos posted on Chinese social media, said to have been filmed at the factory, showed thousands of people wearing masks and confronting police in white hazmat suits with plastic riot shields. Another footage showed a group of about 12 policemen surrounding a person and beating him with sticks. While one person was shot in the head after being hit with a stick.

The hashtag #Foxconn Unrest was apparently blocked on Chinese social media Wednesday afternoon, but some comments about the protests were still posted. Foxconn is a huge conglomerate that assembles electronic products for many international brands and is the prime contractor of the Apple group.

In recent months, the Taiwanese company has had to deal with an increase in the number of Covid-19 infections at its huge site in Zhengzhou, which employs more than two hundred thousand people, usually housed on site. And Foxconn has decided to lay a stone on the site and the workers inside. However, hundreds of them fled the site in panic after that on foot.

The Taiwanese group is the largest private sector employer in China, employing more than one million people in around thirty factories and research institutes across the country. The management of Fox Con has confirmed the occurrence of violence inside the iPhone manufacturing plant in China.

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