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Panini has the localization of The Witcher: Ronin announced. The manga is part of Manga News 2023 and is already listed with a release date. On May 23, 2023, the manga should be released in German by Panini.

The English version will be published in December and is at Amazon* Available for pre-order if you can’t wait. The manga was originally made big with a not entirely uncontroversial Kickstarter campaign, with which the creators wanted to know if this new concept was something for Witcher fans. It was: the campaign raised 678,000 euros.

In any case, the publication is imminent. The manga, written by Rafal Jaki and Hataya, is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Also check out the Panini program example!

This is how the manga is described:

In an ancient world inspired by Japan’s Edo period, Geralt of Rivia follows a legend. He has to make tough decisions, encounter ghosts and demons, and each of these encounters gives Yuki Onna a clue, as she is the key to what Gerald is looking for.

Artwork: The Witcher: Ronin, CD Projekt RED

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