Death Mark II is shown in the Japanese overview trailer

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The third offshoot of the Spirit Hunter series Shinigami: Shibito Magire is about to be released in Japan. December 1 is the day. So it’s high time for the overview trailer!

The horror-suspense visual novel has been rebranded for North America and Europe. For example, the 2023 video game will be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PCs by Aksys Games under the name Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II to appear.

The Story of Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II

The “Konoehara Academy” is located in the Tokyo suburb of H City. Rumor has it that the dead cast a curse there every ten years. Now some students have been murdered under strange circumstances. The police are investigating, but are unable to solve the case. That is why the head of the academy is investigating ancient rituals. It is now up to the player, disguised as a teacher, to track it all down.

A partner of your choice helps with the research. Depending on your choice, other information and locations to investigate are available. Even if you are cornered, your partner can help depending on the circumstances, but of course the things you have with you also play a role. Your own decisions also influence this.

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