To verify Twitter accounts, gold, gray and blue badges

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The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, announced on Friday that work will soon begin on new authentication badges of different colors to distinguish verified accounts on the social network.

“Sorry for the delay, we’re launching Verified on Friday next week,” the billionaire wrote on Twitter.

He explained, “A gold badge will be awarded to companies, a gray badge to governments, and a blue badge to individuals (whether they’re celebrities or not). All verified accounts will be manually verified before the verification stamp is attached to them.”

He added: “It is a painful (measure) but it is necessary,” the French news agency reported.

In another tweet, Musk explained that all verified individual accounts will be associated with the same blue badge, but that some of them may later display “a small secondary symbol that indicates whether they belong to an organization if that organization considers them as such” .

The new documentation system that Musk wants to implement has been causing a lot of confusion and misunderstandings for weeks.

It intends to charge an $8 monthly fee for users to verify their accounts on the platform, in exchange for which they will receive the famous blue verification stamp, which used to be free, but is limited to celebrity accounts.

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