83% of football fans prefer to watch matches on the phone

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Snapchat users are Generation Z who interact with football scores and news; More than 340 million people watch diverse and exciting sports content, interact with innovative and immersive augmented reality experiences, and watch Discovery and Spotlight programs in conjunction with the start of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

This was done through ‘Snap’ entering into partnerships with a number of media platforms and major regional broadcasting institutions, including ‘BeIN Sport’, ‘MBC’, Saudi Radio and Television Corporation and ‘Rotana’ to broadcast the events and speeches most important performances related to the tournament, on the occasion of the largest sporting event organized in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Snap has also signed up with digital publishing platforms such as August, aiming to publish the latest developments and news from the world of football; And the region’s top content creators to highlight the most important football-related topics, including “Adnan” in Qatar and “Huda Sports”, which will conduct live interviews with fans, to bring football fans closer to the action .

These partnerships are a support for users, as statistics indicate that 83% of football fans prefer to use their phone while watching matches, as fans message their friends and interact with content during the match.

Other research has shown that 55% of Snapchat users share sports-related topics, while 58% of them communicate with each other on sports-related topics.

In addition to the fact that FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football, estimates that there are around 5 billion football fans worldwide, as it is the most popular sport, and expectations also indicate that more than one million spectators will attend the 64 matches of the tournament in Qatar and international audiences will watch the competition, a large number of more than 3 billion people through televisions in their homes.

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