Hideo Kojima shows off artwork from his first pitch to Konami

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On Twitter Hideo Kojima presented his first proposal, which he made to Konami at the age of 24. He presented a work of art that read “JUNKER”. “There was no word processor, so everything was handwritten and photocopied,” says Kojima.

Junker, that’s what the game should be called. This ended up being Snatcher, Kojima’s first game at Konami. The PC88 version was released in Japan on November 26, 1988, 34 years ago today. This is also the reason for Kojima’s reminder on Twitter.

The Junkers then also got Snatcher. That’s the name of the task force set up by the Neo Kobe government to prosecute the Snatchers.

The MSX2 version was originally supposed to be released on the same day, but was delayed by a month. Kojima also revealed that Metal Gear was called “Intruder” in the planning stages and Policenauts was originally called “Beyond”.

Artwork: Hideo Kojima

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