A Call of Duty insider says Modern Warfare 2 will get a spinoff campaign focusing on fan favorites

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People worldwide know and love some of the characters from the Call of Duty games. Many people have been killed in cruel and terrible ways, but the Call of Duty developers fixed things by bringing back one of the essential characters in the series’ history.

Get ready because this might be the best thing you’ve heard all day.

On Nov. 28, new leaks were an excellent surprise for fans of the title. RalphsValve, who leaked information about Call of Duty, told the happy news that the Ghost “spin-off campaign” is being made.

But it won’t be a different game. According to a gamer who is always in the know, the spinoff plan will probably be tied to MW2.

DLCs are a big part of the Call of Duty series. Most of the time, these additions to the game focus on multiplayer, but this time (and likely as part of the 2023 plan), this new DLC will focus on Ghost’s story.

Recently, the director of Call of Duty, Jeffrey Negus, and the head writer of MW2, Brian Bloom, talked about wanting to make a new story that focuses on Simon “Ghost” Riley. Negus and Bloom told IGN in an interview that they are excited to write Ghost’s story and see where it takes them.

“Yeah, I’m going to say it. “The story of how Ghost came to be,” Bloom said.

If the leaks are accurate and the Call of Duty developers’ hopes for the fan-favorite soldier come true, fans should get ready for a lot of Ghost-themed memes and other content to fill their feeds.

This would be a one-time game, and Ghost would be the main character. It looks like everyone wants to get started. “There are other people who also want to do that,” Bloom said. “There’s something about that character that makes it recognizable, but the mask and some of those less important parts don’t help.”

Ghost seems to be the only thing they care about right now.

But the team plans to give the fans what they want in the future. “I think the audience would enjoy looking at that. We’d love to be a part of it.”

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