Front Mission 1st Remake is out now and it gets even better

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Publishers Forever Entertainment and MegaPixel Studio announced this week Front Mission 1: Remake released for Nintendo Switch. You should be a genre fan like the reviews on OpenCritic suggest. But the new release is always valuable.

For the first time Front Mission appears in Europe. The original only made it to North America. And it gets even better, because Forever Entertainment also comes up with Front Mission 2: Remake and the third part.

Front Mission 2 was released for PlayStation in 1997, and the remake marks the game’s first-ever Western localization. Front Mission 3 reached Europe in 2000. All three new revisions also offer German lyrics.

In the year 2090, global conflicts will be fought with giant war machines called “Wanzer”. Huffman Island, the only place where the Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU) and the Unified Continental States (UCS) share a border, is a swirling problem area. An OCU scout platoon under Captain Royd Clive is assigned to scout a UCS munitions factory.

It is a remake with modern modes and improved controls. The soundtrack was re-recorded by an orchestra. Collectors will be happy that a physical version is also coming out. The pre-order of a standard variant and multiple collector’s editions is now possible.

The new gameplay trailer:

Artwork: Front Mission 1st: Remake, Entertainment foreverMega Pixel Studio

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