A video tour through perhaps the largest Nintendo collection “before Mario”

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Everyone knows that Nintendo predates the oldest video game and there was a time when the company mainly made Hanafuda cards. And later one or the other toy experiment. Most of you have probably heard of the Love Tester.

But Nintendo’s legacies from this era are bigger than you can imagine and a video by collector Erik Voskuil demonstrates this impressively and in just a few square feet. Voskuil is one of the most well-known Nintendo collectors and the author of the book Before Mario, which sheds light on Nintendo’s pre-Mario era.

In a new video, he guides you through his sacred halls and his collection. Very impressive. In 2016 he already exhibited selected pieces For Mario* individually, unfortunately the recommended book is sold out in many places.

The video tour through the collection:

Artwork: For Mario

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