Apple Shares 2022’s Most Popular Podcasts

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Today, Apple released a list of the most popular podcast episodes, programs, channels, and subscriptions that users of the Podcasts app engaged in 2022. The three most popular podcasts in 2022 were Crime Junkie, The Daily, and Dateline NBC. The most popular new shows were The Deck, Fly on the Wall, and The Thing About Helen and Olga.

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The programs with the most subscribers are American Scandal, SmartLess, and Morbid. Apple also divides up data into paid and free channels. Below are complete lists.

Top Shows of 2022

The most well-known podcaster in the US is Audiochuck, which also makes Crime Junkie and The Deck. The Daily, This American Life, and Serial were the three Top Shows of 2022 that The New York Times had the most of. Speaking of Serial, the most popular podcast episode of the year was “Adnan Is Out.”

If you’re looking for new music, Apple’s year-end charts are worth checking out since they are available to listeners in almost 100 different countries and regions.

Last week, Apple announced “Slow Burn” by Slate as the inaugural Apple Podcasts Award winner. Since then, the program has risen to the top of the charts in more than a hundred nations, making it the most popular history podcast.

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