Colosseum opens its doors tomorrow with an update

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Because of the Game Awards. Surprisingly, Bandai Namco also has a DLC today Elden ring announced! Not too surprising really, since the Colosseum has been a theme pretty much since the game was released.

The Colosseum paves the way for PVP modes in Elden Ring and it’s free. “Warriors, come out and enjoy the magnificence of the Colosseum! Prove your strength in duels and battles, together or alone, in the new Colosseum update.

So no Elden Ring at The Game Awards? Despite the hype trailer? Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier is not satisfied with that. “It feels like they’re getting the PVP thing out of the way ahead of the full DLC announcement at The Game Awards,” said Schreier. on Twitter.

The new trailer tells you more.

The Colosseum Trailer:

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