The inspiring 2D horror game Ib is coming to Nintendo Switch

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The horror game Ib originally released in 2012, it was an RPG Maker game. That didn’t detract from the game’s success, and even today you read about Ib often when it comes to inspiration for new indie horror games.

In April a remake of Ib was published by Playism on steam issued. Initially this only offered a Japanese localization, followed in May by English text options. The remake was made with the RPG Maker MV and will now also make its way to the Nintendo Switch. With March 9, 2023, there is now a concrete release date for this.

For Ib fans, things get a little bit better. There will be a physical release in Japan. In addition to a standard version, there is also a deluxe edition. With any luck, the English language version will be on the cartridge, but that remains to be seen.

Swap trailer:

Images: Ib, playfulnesscourier

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