Twitter Will Charge $11 Per Month For Twitter Blue on iPhone and $7 on The Website

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Twitter has announced new pricing for its Twitter Blue subscription service. The subscription will cost $11 on iPhones, factoring in Apple’s 30% in-app purchase fee, while it will be priced at $7 per month for web users.

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Prior to the pause in Twitter Blue subscriptions, the service was available for $7.99 per month. However, the pricing is set to change before the relaunch. Although the new pricing details have been shared with some employees, it’s worth noting that Twitter CEO Elon Musk is recognized for making quick decisions, so there could still be adjustments to the plan.

The higher cost on iPhones allows Twitter to accommodate Apple’s in-app purchase commission without significantly impacting its own revenue. This strategy aims to steer most users towards subscribing on the web to avoid incurring additional in-app purchase fees.

While other companies like Spotify have also implemented varied pricing strategies between iPhones and the web, it can sometimes confuse customers who are left wondering about the disparity. Notably, Apple permits companies to charge different prices based on the platform.

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These pricing adjustments by Twitter come after a brief disagreement with Apple. Musk previously criticized Apple’s App Store policies, alleging that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store. However, Musk later retracted his statement after meeting with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

Following their discussion at Apple Park, Musk mentioned that they had a productive conversation and clarified that there was a misunderstanding regarding the potential removal of Twitter from the App Store.

Twitter is set to reintroduce Twitter Blue on Friday after a temporary pause. The halt was prompted by Musk’s inclusion of a verification badge in Twitter Blue, inadvertently enabling impersonation of verified accounts for a fee. Twitter Blue has been offline since November 11.

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The re-launch of Twitter Blue is expected to bring new features such as distinct badge colors for businesses, government entities, and individuals, along with limitations on username changes and sign-up restrictions for newer accounts.

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