Hitman Fan Show us What Agent 47 Would Look Like If He Had Hair

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Some people have a bit more hair than usual and a distinctive appearance. Agent 47, a dapper character from the Hitman video game, is no exception.

Hitman Fan Show us What Agent 47 Would Look Like If He Had Hair

According to a new image, the infamously bald protagonist of the Hitman video game and film Agent 47, appears very different with hair on his head and face. Without his recognizable grey suit, red tie, and signature scowl, onlookers might not even recognize the ruthless leading man who made the Hitman franchise a worldwide hit.

The first Hitman game was released for the PC in 2000, more than 20 years ago. Since that shaky but promising debut, Io Interactive, which collaborated with (and in some cases was owned by) major publishers like Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros., has created many sequels for the series. In general, new entries do very well. Hitman Absolution was one of the top five stealth games to turn 10 in 2022. A new trilogy that debuted in 2016 brought the series new success by demonstrating that bald is attractive.

Hitman Fan Show us What Agent 47 Would Look Like If He Had Hair

Now, a Reddit user named Laenoric has offered a glimpse of what Agent 47 might look like if he had more hair with the help of FaceApp software (and a lot of it). The assassin’s wavy hair and bushy red beard put a familiar image in a new light, bringing him closer to Kratos than the fans are used to seeing the hairless hero. This is reasonable, though, as a God of War Ragnarok mod recently reversed the makeover by shaving off Kratos’ beard. What some artists offer can be taken away by other artists.

What Agent 47 would look like with hair. from gaming

Agent 47 might look good on his next assignment with a full beard. Zangief from the Street Fighter series and Dr. Light from the Mega Man games by the same developer are two well-known video game characters with magnificent beards. Generally speaking, Capcom is a beard-friendly company. However, western game developers like Blizzard and LucasArts have also demonstrated that a little bit of facial hair can go a long way toward developing enduring characters in various contexts.

The upcoming Hitman TV series will feature Agent 47 with hair for at least a little while, regardless of whether the world-traveling character has hair in a future game. On the other hand, there hasn’t been much information about that show in recent months, so it needs publicity. The FaceApp version might be the closest fans will get to see Agent 47 from Hitman with the bold beard they always knew he deserved until something changes.

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