‘Netflix’ launches physical health fitness programs in partnership with ‘Nike’

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“Netflix” network has launched physical health fitness programs with new fitness content from “Nike” company. 2023.

The first batch of exercises, totaling 30 hours, includes programs for the basics of physical health, fitness, yoga, high intensity training, strength and core training, all conducted by a “Nike” athletic trainer.

Programs will be available in multiple languages ​​on all of the world’s most popular network plans, with workouts for all fitness levels and interests. Each NTC workout program will include multiple episodes, and members will choose workouts by type or duration.

Co-CEO Reed Hastings, the source said, told senior executives at the company meeting that password sharing has been going on for too long and that the pandemic has only masked how bad it was.

Interestingly, the ‘Netflix’ network is likely to enforce its new ban on sharing account passwords soon and cautiously, as it fears a backlash.

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