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Guide for Beginners to Play Monster Hunter Rise

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From Kamura child to ardent hunter, transform!

Our Monster Hunter Rise guide unpacks this most recent main series game in the renowned complex series, which can be intimidating for both new and experienced players due to the variety of new elements to learn.

We are here to provide tips and guidance on almost every area of Monster Hunter Rise, including the spreadsheets full of equipment you must design the abundance of resources to acquire, and the creatures’ subtleties. Without further ado, check out our Monster Hunter Rise guide.

Monster Hunter Rise Guide and Tips for Combat, Farming, Bosses

Our Monster Hunter Rise guide is broken down into five main categories: Side Quests, Resources and Crafting, Characters, Monsters, and Beginner’s Guide.

Each focuses on a different aspect of the game, going through tactics for defeating the most difficult creatures, locating the rarest loot, building the strongest character, and finishing the trickiest side tasks.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Guide

There will be many little tips and techniques by the time you’ve gotten comfortable with Monster Hunter Rise that you’ll wish you had known right away.

We’ve put up a Beginner’s Guide below with useful tips for the early going to get you started winning!

  • Update your controls in the Options to make them feel more comfortable
  • You can pause the game by pressing the home button in solo hunts.
  • Remember to eat Bunny Dango for buffs before every hunt – either in Kamura or from your tent.
  • Collect the EZ items from the Supply Box when you start a Hunter
  • Check out the weaknesses of different monsters you’ve fought from your Hunter Notes.
  • You can easily learn combos with the on-screen prompts in the training area.
  • If you press dodge while sprinting, you do a dive where you’re briefly invincible.
  • Pressing B when you’re sprinting on the back of your Palamute, you’ll launch yourself into the air.
  • Habitually collect from every resource point, and remember that they refresh after a short time.
  • Don’t hoard early-game materials and upgrade spheres – spend them!
  • When you make gear for yourself, you get scraps that let you make gear for your buddies.
  • Capturing monsters with traps is quicker, easier, and gives you more materials than defeating them outright.

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