PowerWash Simulator Tomb Raider Special Pack announced

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Square Enix Collective, FuturLab and Crystal Dynamics announce the “Tomb Raider Special Pack” for the Powerwash simulator On. As the name suggests, it allows us to clean Lara Croft’s estate. The release is on January 31.

There are some comments on this in the accompanying press release:

“Developing the Tomb Raider Special Pack has been an honor and a great experience,” said Dan Checker, lead designer at FuturLab. “We can’t wait for players to experience Croft Manor up close and uncover its many mysteries!”

“What Tomb Raider fan hasn’t explored Croft Manor and thought, ‘Winston could use some help with this property! I’d love to put pressure on this place!’” asked Dallas Dickinson, Tomb Raider Franchise General Manager at Crystal Dynamics. “With the help of Square Enix Collective and FuturLab, it’s not only possible now, it’s incredibly satisfying.”

“We know the community wants to clean up more, and I’m excited that this Tomb Raider collaboration allows us to kick off our postlaunch plans in style,” added Phil Elliott, Studio Head at Square Enix Collective. “We’ve had great support from players, press and content creators, and we wanted to do something special to say thank you!”

the Powerwash simulator is for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. On January 31, simultaneously with the launch of the “Tomb Raider Special Pack”, PS4, PS5 and Switch will also be served.

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