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Stars End Patch Notes Update Today on January 19, 2023

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A new update has been released for Stars End. You can find all the Game Update details below. Stars End is available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Hey Everyone,

We have a solid major update today that fixes the last of the severe bugs and brings a lot of improvements. We fixed all the issues with players logging out in vehicles or getting pushed under ground. Last remaining issues with items disappearing, or duping should also be resolved as well.

Aside from bug fixes you will notice improved visuals and performance in space. And after a bit of a delay, we have finally added a fresh new PvE server that is now available for players who wish for a fresh start. In addition, Portuguese Brazilian translation has been added to the game. More languages are on the way later this winter. We have two more updates to release before we can safely say that the game is in good shape, and we can focus on the new content.

And you can expect singlepayer (online version) – to become available by Thursday, with offline singleplayer to follow soon after. We decided to bring Online Singleplayer live first for players who still want to play on their own, but might want to ask other players or our Moderators questions while in a solo game.

Thanks so much for everyones support - we are truly blessed to have such an amazing community. Cant wait to finally get everything nice and polished in-time for the weekend, so we can focus on adding new content from next week.

Please make sure to restart Steam to download the latest update. And once you launch the client you will see version 0.73 in the main menu bottom left corner

Now, lets take a look at what out update 0.73 has in store. I broke it down by categories as there`s a lot of changes:

Major Improvements and Additions

  • Added fresh new PvE server – Global 0 (New)
  • Major improvement to performance while flying in space
  • Greatly improved visuals of flying in space
  • Crafting Polymers and Vehicle Fuel now gives back empty oil containers – was requested by so many players
  • Added full translation to Portuguese for players from Brazil and Portugal
  • Stopped all griefing using land mines and other means on PvE servers
  • Showing warning to players from Mainland China who require VPN to play
  • New GM Duncan joins the mod team

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Chinese localization showing incorrect characters everywhere
  • Fixed issues with Cassius and flying ship under water
  • Fix a major issue in tutorial with building a Wood Shack
  • Fixed ferry from Brutus Salty Springs where players could get stuck
  • Fixed various issues with Cassius planet – like lag, visuals and other problems
  • Fixed game breaking issue when lighting Campfire or Furnace
  • Fixed bug allowing player to fly inside Cassius planet and get stuck there
  • Major fix to logging back into the game while in a spaceship and not being inside of it
  • Fixed issues logging into the game and being pushed underground by a vehicle
  • Fixed issue getting stuck under the spaceship
  • Fixed issue getting stuck in-space on relog
  • Fixed last remaining dupes with inventory when moving or splittings items
  • Fixed last cases of items going missing when splitting or moving

Other Fixes and Balancing

  • Additional improvements to Russian localization
  • Fixed visual bugs effecting spaceship cabin in space
  • Fixed visual bugs effecting booster speed effects
  • Added a prompt dialogue to deleting claims with instructions and warnings
  • Disabled winter quest on orbital stations that wasn`t working right
  • Disabled Miriam quest in the exchange bar
  • Massive Asteroids now only show a waypoint if the tutorial isn’t active
  • Disabled interacting with inventory when moving or splitting items
  • Land mines now only do damage to players on PvP servers
  • Fixed various crafting issues that involve water bottles
  • Industrial Refinery on Orbital stations now has a new waypoint market – large and impossible to miss
  • Oil Tanks will no longer appear on the side of the ground
  • Reworked the Ferry Kiosks at 3 main space stations – easier to access the Vendor
  • Improved tooltips for spaceship control
  • Improved Tutorial text in French
  • Reworked prompt on controlling spaceships with H takeoff key
  • Fixed crafting recipes that involved Fungi and Hops
  • Reduced jetpack weight greatly to allow walking with it

Source: Steam

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