Halo, new games will no longer be trusted by 343 Industries, rumored

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New Halo games will be developed by non-Microsoft studios coordinated by 343 Industries. To spread this information, which is currently considered a rumor, is the Twitter profile of Bathrobe Spartan, who in the past has already become the protagonist of the news, which later turned out to be founded.

According to rumors circulating on Resetera, 343 Industries would have been wiped out by a staff cut, with staff and staff reduced by a third. This will not make any changes to the plans already set for 2023, however, all of them are related to the Halo Infinite multiplayer sector, Forge mode, new seasons and the introduction of new maps.

What has changed is the planning for future additions to the main Halo Infinite campaign. In fact, it looks like 343 Industries has been working with a small team on several small DLCs meant to expand the game’s narrative for months or even years. Some reshuffles at the top led to an abrupt halt in this direction, as the new bosses found this idea too costly in terms of time and resources.

The rumor also speaks of Halo Infinite’s commercial results and failed goals, which would lead to Microsoft removing 343 Industries from being an active developer on the next chapters and using the studio as the franchise’s coordinator. In other words, the former managers of the series will only care about reviewing work assigned to other third-party studios, work that may include direct sequels to Halo Infinite or spin-offs of various kinds. In short, 343 Industries must enforce the knowledge and fees imposed by intellectual property without being directly involved in the creation of other games.

Apparently as early as 2020, Microsoft and 343 Industries are contacting potential external partners to implement this new series-related policy. The boring results achieved by the game would do nothing but confirm and speed up a situation that must have already taken shape over the years of actual development.

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