Twitter completely bans third-party apps

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After discontinuing service to high-profile apps like Tweetbot and Twitterifi last week, Twitter has decided to block third-party apps entirely. The company has updated the restrictions section of its developer agreement to now include a clause that prohibits use of or access to the licensed materials. ) to create or attempt to create a substitute or similar product or service for the Twitter Applications.

Earlier this week, Twitter said it enforces long-standing rules for its application programming interface (API), and those rules state that external applications shouldn’t be allowed to access its platform, but it didn’t specify which ones. rules the developers have violated.

It is worth noting that Twitter’s external applications are an essential part of the history of the platform, as an application like “Twitterific” was present in the iOS system even before Twitter launched its application for Apple’s operating system.

These apps have attracted a large number of users in recent years, also thanks to the fact that they do not display ads.

Twitter’s attitude towards third-party apps has always been lenient and even supportive, as the company removed a section of its developer terms that prevented developers from duplicating its core service.

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