“Break mode” .. a new feature on “Instagram”!

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The makers of the “Instagram” application have announced that the application has gained a new feature that will be useful to many users. According to the available information, a new feature has become available to the users of “Instagram” called “Quite mode”. , help them relax or focus on work.

And when silent mode is turned on, notifications will stop appearing to the user and his profile status will change to a mode showing that he is in “rest mode” and “Instagram” will send messages to people who correspond with him informing them that the user is in “rest mode”.

The user can activate the time that suits him with the new feature to take a break from notifications, and at the end of this time “Instagram” will send him a message containing a summary of the notifications he has received at that time.

Experts believe that the new feature will be useful for people who suffer from a large number of notifications received through ‘Instagram’, and will also help people focus on work or students to devote themselves to study.

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