Car Factory Tycoon Roblox Codes For free Cash and Gems for January 2023

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Car Factory Tycoon lets you run your factory and succeed. Roblox lets you start your automobile empire from scratch. Build automobiles from the warehouse and conveyor belt. Characters bid on your ultimate product, and you choose. Vehicle quality increases bids. Races earn Cash and Gems, which are needed to enhance warehouses and unlock new vehicles.

Car Fac tory Tycoon_

More warehousing and car production investment mean more Cash. Car Factory Tycoon codes also apply. Gem and Cash from the codes can be used to hire more staff to boost output or enhance your warehouse with security cameras. Car Factory Tycoon’s creators offer codes for milestones. This guide has all the working codes.

Working Car Factory Tycoon Codes

10KLIKES – 50,000 Cash, 100 Gems
5KLIKES – 5,000 Cash, 125 Gems

How to redeem Car Factory Tycoon Codes?

Car Fac tory Tycoon_

You must follow these easy steps to redeem Car Factory Tycoon codes:

  • Get Car Factory Tycoon started.
  • On the left side of your screen, select the star icon.
  • The white arrow in the Roblox Car Factory Tycoon game points to the star icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Your screen will suddenly reveal a tiny window in the middle.
  • In the text box, type your code.
  • To use your codes, click “Claim”.

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