Guide for Players To Defeat Polygon Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo

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The Magnamalo initially appears in Monster Hunter Rise’s “Comeuppance,” a four-star urgent village key mission.

Guide for Players To Defeat Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Polygon

The very dangerous hellfireblight disease, which might cause you to ignite or explode when struck suddenly, can be inflicted by this Fanged Wyvern-type monster. Very unpleasant, huh?

This monster’s flagship is very dangerous and relentless. There is no shame in learning how to defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise, not even for seasoned hunters.

In Monster Hunter Rise, how do you defeat Magnamalo?

The following advice will help you defeat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Create armor with a four-star monster of your choosing, then improve it.
  • Make the finest possible water element weapon.
  • Make heavy use of the Wirebug to avoid Hellfire strikes.
  • Carry deodorant or wire dash to prevent hellfireblight
  • Use explosives to attack Magnamalo directly with hellfireblight.
  • When the forearms are spewing hellfire, attack them.

Using the Magnamalo boss tactic in Monster Hunter Rise.

Magnamalo from Monster Hunter Rise isn’t as terrifying as it first seems in the urgent village quest “Comeuppance.” You must be aware of the finest ways to combat its hellfireblight.

Even before thinking about defeating Magnamalo, you may need to grind through some other issues first since it will be the hardest battle you’ve encountered so far as the game’s main monster.

Every successful hunt depends on careful planning. Create the greatest armor set available for your weapon, then enhance it as much as possible. Keep an eye on the talents you’ll learn for the armor set, and choose the one that best fits your preferred playing style.

Make the finest water weapon you can, then. If your weapon tree doesn’t contain weapons that can do enough raw damage, regardless of element, choose anything that can. Then, make some deodorants, Mega, Max, and ancient potions. You will need these.

Guide for Players To Defeat Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Polygon

Go to the canteen and eat for the following skills: Dango Defender, Dango Medic, and Dango Weakener—with all your new weapons and armor. These will raise your basic defense stat, boost your likelihood of coming across a somewhat less powerful Magnamalo, and make all health restoration items slightly more effective. Now that everything is arranged start the mission.

Pick up any things from the item box and get as many boosts from the local endemic life as possible before going up against the monster.

You may go to Magnamalo using a reliable route. Jump up and down repeatedly for multiple buffs while riding your Palamute, leading you to the wall in area one. After that, stay in this region and follow the buffs before moving to area 9.

Magnamalo will roar immediately, but not in a way that will cause you to get hellfireblight until its tail touches you. Magnamalo will raise its tail in your direction as a warning sign that this assault is coming.

This is your signal to start Wirebugging horizontally and to keep moving so you may launch assaults everywhere you can. If you are stuck, keep close to the creature’s forearms and focus your assault there. When you have repaired enough damage, it will transfer zones to area 12.

Make careful to avoid Magnamalo by dodging the main body or tail since it will ultimately start to crush the earth and inflict hellfireblight on anyone in its vicinity. Again, the wirebug is out of the way, as it will probably follow with a tail whip.

When Magnamalo is furious, purple flames will shoot from its back and forearms. It will then start launching hellfireblight strikes at you, darting about the arena until you are caught in the center of one of the clouds.

If you are trapped in the hellfireblight, the best course is to wait for an opportunity and cautiously avoid the Wirebug out of the way or apply deodorant.

In this situation, dropping a bomb in the arena and waiting for Magnamalo to approach you is another tactic. When you are safe from the monster with your weapon, shoot or strike the bomb with a kunai or your weapon to cause it to explode. This will cause the bomb to spew forth hellfire and kill the monster.

Attack the forearms or tail from here to do massive damage. Magnamalo should be taken since it will conclude the battle quickly, and you could earn a few additional goodies.

Monster Hunter Rise’s Magnamalo significant weaknesses.

  • Water
  • Bombs

Magnamalo may be defeated with water in Monster Hunter Rise. You should use it or a weapon that does the rawest damage. Make careful to avoid using Blast on Magnamalo since it is immune to its effects. While on the search, bombs are an excellent technique to bring the monster down.

How to get the Plate, Blade, Tail, Scute, Horn, and Scales from Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise.

Equip yourself with a sharp weapon and as much of the Partbreaker skill as you can.

Use a trap or explosives to take down the monster if you have trouble hitting it with bullets to the skull. Additionally, be sure to utilize your wirebug attacks to knock the monster to the ground again and any nearby monsters to help you do the same with the Magnamalo.

Then, for a few more resources, use a trap to catch the monster, and remember to cut its tail when it is secure.

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