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Gunther’s Millions Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

Money, especially incomprehensibly enormous amounts, may make everything more complicated. The money, however, is the most obvious element of the plot when a German countess, a group of seductive Italians, a mustachioed eccentric, and a German shepherd with a $400 million endowment are all involved.

Gunther's Millions

Don’t worry; the confusing story of Gunther’s Millions will finally make sense. The conclusion is just as startling as all the detours you took to get there.

The new four-part docuseries, available in both English and Italian, start by telling the tale of a German doctor who amassed wealth in the pharmaceutical industry in the 1980s. He made life comfortable and easy for his wife, a countess, and their kid. But when their son committed himself after dealing with melancholy, Gunther, the family dog, became the only heir to their $400 million estate. Family buddy Maurizio Mian, an Italian superstar with shaky links to the mafia and a following of devoted devotees, received the empire the countess left behind (and the long line of Gunthers bred from the original). Gunther’s Millions details Mian’s exploits over the past 30 years (and counting), including the creation of offshore accounts, the acquisition of Madonna’s former home, and elaborate social experiments involving boy bands and bikinis, all while being watched over by Gunther’s disorderly canine empire.


  • Lee Dahlberg

What is the Release Date of Gunther’s Millions?

On February 1st, 2023, Gunther’s Millions’ four-episode season premieres on Netflix. Each episode lasts around 60 minutes, and the total running duration is over four hours. No episode names have been made public yet. Instead of releasing each episode of its series one at a time each week, Netflix releases all of them at once, allowing its audience to watch them individually or binge them all at once, as so many people do these days.

Who is the Director of Gunther’s Millions?

Leading development executive and executive producer Aurelien Leturgie has produced material globally. His well-regarded TV programs and documentaries have aired on E! Entertainment, VH1, Travel Channel, TLC, Canal+, and many other platforms. Additionally, he has had full-time executive roles at MGM Television, ITV Studios, and Discovery.

Aurelien, a native of Paris, began his professional life in Miami by working for a movie studio before founding his production firm. He began by focusing on directing music videos for well-known record labels. However, he has created, produced, and directed television programs in various forms during the last 20 years for important networks and production firms in the United States and Europe. Aurelien arrived in Los Angeles in 2009 with his acute narrative sense, ethnic heritage, global viewpoint, and enthusiasm for international storytelling. He created many programs for TLC, Travel Channel, and Canal+. Then he joined the creative staff of ITV Studios. He started creating television formats and docuseries for American cable networks and streaming services, developing new projects, and adapting published works for the screen.

Gunther’s Millions | world’s richest dog | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is the Plot of Gunther’s Millions?

According to the press release for the miniseries on Netflix, “the dog’s riches have grown into a large empire over two continents, featuring luxurious houses, a beautiful entourage, and even a pop music group, but as any good pooch will tell you, it’s always worth delving a bit deeper.”

An individual who stands out in Gunther’s life is an Italian businessman and pharmaceutical heir Maurizio Mian. Mian is the brains behind the outrageous hoax surrounding the dog’s winnings, the cult-like atmosphere surrounding the dog’s filthy rich lifestyle, and some hidden scientific project that may be cloning the dog. The German countess Karlotta Leibenstein, whose death is said to have occurred in 1992 and who is said to have left her dog, Gunther, an estate of $80 million, is perhaps the most well-known character in the drama, along with Mian. Mian’s investments made throughout the years gave the net its approximate $400 million value. However, investigative television shows may undermine these claims. The water becomes murkier as a result of the years-long cycle of dogs.

The one-minute, 30-second film claims that Gunther IV received his wealth from Countess Leibenstein and his grandpa, Gunther III, who received it from her. Leibenstein reportedly didn’t have any close family or children, which is why her German Shepherd was included in her testament.

The mysterious Mian claims that the multi-million dollar trust that Liebenstein left behind supports the dogs in a sit-down interview in the docuseries. However, there is no proof that a historical Karlotta Liebenstein ever existed. The countess’ identity was made up, Mian added to an Italian newspaper in 1995, “to advertise the principles of his institution.”

With its breakdown of the luxury gone mad involving shady real estate deals, shocking social experiments, and one of the largest tax fraud schemes in American history, Gunther’s Millions seeks to intrigue and entice viewers with its expose of an empire surrounding the probably unaware German Shepherd.

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