Ruin or Victory Patch Notes Update Today on January 24, 2023

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A recent update has been rolled out for Ruin or Victory, incorporating various enhancements and fixes. The game is now accessible on all platforms, with file sizes subject to platform specifications.

Ruin or Victory Patch Notes Update Today on January 24, 2023

Notable Additions and Enhancements

  • Introduction of Quick Battle mode, allowing players to select warriors and siege equipment for field or siege combat
  • Inclusion of new technologies: ‘Concealment’ and ‘War Hammer’
  • Enhanced visibility: Buildings now feature pebble street textures when placed on grass, dirt, or snow terrain
  • Improved AI behavior with better scouting and attack coordination
  • Domestic animals (excluding dogs) now flee from combat situations
  • Idle dogs engage in patrol activities and follow humans randomly

Fixes and Adjustments

  • Corrected spawning issues related to the ‘Nomad’ AI base
  • Resolved rare cases of AI buildings overlapping
  • Fixed building placement preview inconsistencies over swamp, ice, and water terrains
  • Addressed various anomalies such as missing starting items and animation glitches
  • Implemented fixes for exploits involving weapon usage and unit behavior
  • Optimized siege weapon mechanics and movement interactions
  • Improved resource management for structures like farms and mines

Gameplay Balancing

  • Enhanced automation: Workshops now gather stone from grass, dirt, and snow grounds
  • Adjusted combat dynamics to ensure fairness and challenge
  • Improved targeting accuracy and damage calculations for siege weaponry
  • Revised health penalties for units affected by wall destruction during combat

User Interface and Experience Refinements

  • Streamlined mechanics for animal behavior and unit responses
  • Enhanced usability for constructs and defensive units
  • Optimized combat actions for melee warriors and ranged units

Source: Steam

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