Medieval Battlegrounds Patch Notes Update Today on January 25, 2023

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A recent update has been rolled out for Medieval Battlegrounds. Below are all the details about the game update. Medieval Battlegrounds is accessible on all platforms. The size of the update file may differ based on the platform.

Medieval Battlegrounds Patch Notes Update Today on January 25, 2023

– Enhanced the damage and magazine capacity of crossbows.
– Inventory management improvement: Stacking of similar items before placing new ones in empty slots.
– Introducing two new maps.
– Added the Flare Grenade for illumination in the Island map, located in various crates.
– Selection dropdown for defense mode map choice. Castle map exclusive to Deathmatch games.
– Inclusion of a spectator camera for post-death viewing.
– Special games with limited weapon types spawning.
– Addition of new weapon to “Coins Only” special game.
– Operational cannons within the castle for virtual warfare.
– Melee weapon attacks now feature sway for added realism.
– Players can now dodge sideways or backwards by pressing space.
– Introduction of the Forge for crafting in-game items using coins.
– Armor Chunks granting +1 damage reduction can be crafted or found.
– Error message for offline gameplay attempts from the main menu.
– Inclusion of an introductory video.
– Fog of war now present on all maps.
– Option in settings to disable shadows for enhanced performance.
– Ping system for marking targets and highlighting special enemies.
– Tooltips display item details on the ground.
– Most weapons now have variable instead of fixed stats.
– Health restoration from healing items revised to a percentage of max health.
– Prestige requirement reduced from 100 wins to 50.
– Ready button in lobby prevents clients from un-readying post-host start.
– Reworked perks for improved balance and functionality.
– Addressed issues of goblin behavior and player movement speed.
– Bug fixes ranging from character skin changes to health bar overlaps.
– Ongoing development includes rebinding system, language localization, bug fixes, optimization, and weapon/perk balancing.
– Consideration for an aim down sights feature for the auto crossbow.

If you encounter any bugs or issues with the new features, kindly share feedback on the Medieval Battlegrounds community discussions page. Continuous efforts are being made to optimize performance and enhance gameplay experience. Your understanding and feedback are greatly appreciated as improvements are being made to enhance the game for all players.

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