Alight in the Dark Playtest Patch Notes Update Today on January 26, 2023

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A new update has been released for Alight in the Dark Playtest. You can find all the Game Update details below. Alight in the Dark Playtest is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Alight in the Dark Playtest Patch Notes Update Today on January 26, 2023

Change Log

Every Minute past 30:00 will now count as 10% enemy difficulty increase (10 Prey)

  • Health/Damage
  • This used to be only 1%
  • Might be increased significantly in the future for the base Game Mode

Waves no longer count more than intentional per new playthrough

Added new achievement icons

Breakables now despawn after 1 hour to avoid long term memory use build up

All boss health multiplied by 2

Reaper boss increased from 4800 multiplier to 20000 multiplier for health

Adjusted screen position of settings windows

Unholy Water no longer renders below water in the water version of The Void

Floating Texts no longer get destroyed over time causing CPU performance hit during long playthroughs

General memory use down to 1900MB from 2600MB after instantiation enemy pool reduction for early game mob waves that are less intense

Experience gains are now grouped together and shown per second rather than spamming the screen with a text per pickup for a decent improvement in performance

Experience orb animations now start deactivated to avoid performance issues during experience orb re-use

All side level entrances now have an 8 meter entrance radius which makes it easier to see the “Press F to enter” text

Experience orbs should no longer “seem to dissapear” as frequently as before due to xp orb merge checks at spawn time

Boss in-world texts now instantly dissapear on death

Optimized stat summary re-calculation when picking up new equipment

Mobs now stop in-place before they fall through terrain on death to avoid making it seem like mobs are getting closer to hitting you than they actually are

Void Walkers should no longer render above water in The Void water variant

Achievement “You’re being watched” now correctly states the required Prey amount before minute 15:00

Fixed a typo in Soul Jailer achievement Aquire -> Acquire

In-game pause menu now has a Continue instead of a Back button to avoid confusion with the Back to Menu option

Settings in the menu and in-game now has a controls section which clarifies KB&M and Gamepad controls

Players who save up massive experience on the ground in a single orb will now be able to level up continuously if they level further than the current level

Removed bugged feather mesh from Bandit enemy type

Back buttons are now in a more expected positions for game summary and menu progress view

Game Summary now has a better 2-column layout

Experimental / Untested

Steam Cloud Integration should now be functional

Equipment, Abilities and Heroes are all now based on Profile -> SaveCampaign, but all are unlocked by default for the time being

Source: Steam

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