Road 96: Mile 0 Prequel to Promised Adventure Announced

Surprisingly, if you want to go on an emotional journey, you’ll get the chance to do so again soon it only takes a little over two months Road 96: mile 0 for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

The press release provides detailed information:

DigixArt and Ravencourt to be happy, Road 96: mile 0 For the first time, we introduce a narrative adventure game with a musical component and the emotional backstory of the critically acclaimed, multiaward winning game road 96. Road 96: mile 0 will be released digitally on April 4, 2023 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms.Road 96: mile 0 is set in White Sands, Petria’s only upscale community, just before the road trip that began in the summer of 1996. Players take turns playing Zoe and Kaito, two teenagers with different backgrounds and beliefs.

Two teenagers, two worlds

Former players of road 96 will contact zoe, one of the main characters of the game. She comes from the wealthy part of town and her father works as the oil minister for the president’s administration Tyrak.

Kaito a figure out Lost in harmony was in the dangerous and gloomy Colton City was born and lives with his parents in the wealthy residential area white Sands attracted to get a job and escape the pollution of the city. For two years they live where all the VIPs live, and Tyrak even.

Fascinated by its darkness, come Zoe Kaito closer and become a good friend. The time she spends with him leads her to uncover disturbing truths about her country and even about her own father.

Will gamers find out why zoe had to flee their homeland? And what really happened in 1986 during the border raid? The friendship between the two is soon put to the test. How will it affect the fate of their story? Will they remain friends?

Yoan Fanise, CEO of Digix Art, say: “In Mile 0, we wanted to show where Zoe came from and why she left her comfortable life. But we didn’t do it the conventional way, we went the crazy way, with metaphorical musical sequences where you witness Zoe and Kaito’s beliefs and doubts. The funny thing is that YOU decide how to develop them”.

Zoe and Kaito’s inner world

Players explore the inner worlds of the two characters. Even though the narrative part is the backbone of Road 96: mile 0will zoe and Kaito skate through psychedelic musical rides. These imaginary journeys utilize a unique blend of rhythmbased gameplay and narrative choices that allow players to influence and shape their emotional journey.

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