The Second Season of the Hit TV show The Last of Us has been Confirmed

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Was it evident that HBO had to make this choice? The Last of Us, the HBO record-breaking blockbuster television series with only two episodes, was announced today to have received a second season.

The Second Season of the Hit TV show The Last of Us has been Confirmed

Fans and reviewers alike are not particularly surprised by this news because The Last of Us is truly breaking records and attracting millions of viewers, the vast majority seriously impressed with what is on offer.

In the first season, there are still seven episodes left to air. The audience is already captivated and itching for more.

It is the Best Live-Action Adaptation in History

It makes it reasonable that a live-action adaptation would perform to a comparable degree when you have a game franchise that is essentially a cinematic masterpiece in and of itself. Naturally, nothing could be assured, but The Last of Us was met with enthusiasm as soon as it was announced. Now, it is significantly delivering on the promises and teasers.

More than 22 million people watched The Last of Us’ opening episode, and it was recently discovered. Then, when the second episode was released, 5.7 million viewers watched it as soon as it was made accessible, making it the HBO original drama series with the biggest audience increase between the first and second episodes ever.

In addition, sales of The Last of Us Part I surged after the success of the television series, with estimates showing a 230% rise in sales in the United Kingdom alone.

On review aggregation websites, The Last of Us is doing incredibly well and earning generally excellent reviews. Incredibly impressive ratings for TLOU include its audience score of 96% and average “Tomatometer” of 97% as of the time of writing on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now that HBO has formally confirmed a second season, we can confidently declare that we’re still far from the end:

Fantastic news for The Last of Us series fans everywhere, as there can never be too much of the game. That is unless Naughty Dog thinks of not creating a third installment in the franchise.

There needs to be more information available about The Last of Us’ the second season. But let’s assume that the first episode of the series continues to develop with the same level of excellence that it has. In that situation, it will undoubtedly succeed.

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