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Customers Can Use Siri to Make Augmented Reality (AR) Apps with Apple’s Headset

Customers Can Use Siri to Make Augmented Reality (AR) Apps with Apple's Headset

According to a paywalled article from The Information’s Wayne Ma, Apple is developing new software tools to enable customers and developers to produce augmented reality apps for its widely speculated AR/VR headset.

Strangely, the article states that users will be able to develop and publish augmented reality (AR) apps for the headset via Siri, even if they are not programmers:

Apple believes that by using the software tools, even non-technical users can instruct the headset to create an AR program, which they can then upload to the Apple App Store for other users to download. For instance, using the tool would eliminate the requirement to create the animal from scratch, program its motions, and calculate how it will move in a 3D environment with obstacles. Users could create an app with virtual animals roaming about a room and over or around actual items.

The technology from Apple, which enables anyone to construct 3D tools and environments, is compared to Roblox and Minecraft in the research. Customers will be allowed to distribute the augmented reality (AR) apps they make on the App Store alongside developers. According to reports, Apple is using technology it purchased from Montreal-based startup Fabric Software in 2017.

Apple already provides AR creative tools on the iPhone, iPad, and Reality Composer, which may be extended to the headgear.

The story is based on older information, so it’s important to note that Apple’s plans may have evolved significantly since those individuals last saw demos of the tool in 2021.

According to the source, Apple is also developing augmented reality material for the headset:

”According to those who are acquainted with Apple’s content strategy for the headgear, company leaders are emphasizing health and wellness strongly, including ideas for augmented reality apps that support exercise and meditation. Four participants mentioned an early AR demonstration that let users sit in a Zen garden”.

This year’s introduction of Apple’s headgear is anticipated for later. According to reports, it will have a user interface similar to iOS with a grid of apps, sophisticated eye and hand tracking, and the capacity to serve as an external display for a Mac. To give developers enough time to create AR and VR apps for the headgear before it is made available to consumers later in the year, the software tools for the headset may be made public during Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, in June.

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