China: Smartphone sales are at their lowest level in 10 years

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A report by the market research firm (IDC) said on Sunday that Chinese smartphone sales fell 13% year-on-year in 2022, marking the biggest drop in this sector in a decade in light of prudent smartphone spending. consumers. of devices shipped was 286 million, down from 329 million a year earlier. According to a company report, that means 2022 total sales were the lowest since 2013, and this was the first year since then that annual sales have fallen below 300 million.

Android phone maker Vivo was the top-selling brand throughout the year, with 18.6% market share. However, its total shipments were down 25.1% year over year. “Honor” ranked second best-selling brand and its shipments were up more than 34%, but that was the result of a smaller comparison base. Apple ranked third in 2022.

China’s strict anti-Covid controls have weighed on the economy, which collapsed last year to its worst level in nearly half a century. The decline in smartphone sales in China is in line with the trend of the sector worldwide. According to IDC, worldwide smartphone shipments reached 1.2 billion, the lowest level since 2013, equivalent to an annual decline of more than 11%.

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