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Codemasters and Electronic Arts announce that “Winter Bash” is the fourth and final expansion for GRID Legends is available. A trailer gets us in the mood for the DLC and all the info can be found in the press release:

This snowfilled update invites players to join Ajeet Singh, the beloved mechanic from the Driven to Glory story, in his very own winter celebration, where fast cars and thrilling races take center stage. The update includes three exciting new vehicles, eight story events and new pointtopoint drift tracks to challenge players this winter.

This DLC features a variety of exciting highspeed racing events in seasonal weather conditions. Players will be reunited with the iconic Driven to Glory protagonist, Valentin Manzi, and take part in authentic racing action on the five new snowy Okutama Sprint tracks. 45 existing tracks have also been updated to allow for boost gates and ramps via the Race Creator.

Three new vehicles have been added to the already extensive list of GRID Legends added: the classic SRT Viper GTSR, which returns as a Drift Tuned variant, the BMW 2002 TII Race Car and the terrifying Bugatti Bolide, which makes its video game debut in GRID Legends. This pack also includes new sponsored career events and a variety of icons, wraps and banners for ingame customization.

The holiday season may be over, but the party is on GRID Legends just started. More tracks, boosts, ramps and fun, that’s what this latest DLC is all about,” said Paul Lovell, Senior Games Designer at Codemasters. “Keep an eye out for the Driven to Glory Story Mode Team Wraps, available now for all players, and join.”

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