Beasts of Bermuda Patch Notes Update Today on January 31, 2023

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A new update has been released for Beasts of Bermuda. You can find all the Game Update details below. Beasts of Bermuda is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Beasts of Bermuda Patch Notes Update Today on January 31, 2023

+World Events: Dying in an auto res world event no longer grants a growth badge or places you on the leaderboard
+World Events: Carcasses spawned by players dying inside world events now despawn instantly when the event is over
+World Events: Carcasses taken outside the event area that dropped in the event area now instantly rot
+World Events: While outside of world event areas, Death’s Blessing now refreshes while you are in combat or while grabbed
+World Events: Velo no longer loses the world event buffs while climbing
+QoL: Eggs can no longer be damaged during duels
+Added new toggle into settings, in controls called “Enable Ability Key Climbing”
-While enabled it uses the ability key instead of use key to climb

+Fixed: Pleding to deity shrines outside a world event area no longer grants favor buffs when you’re not inside the event area that can last indefinitely
+Fixed: Situation where velo would fall through the terrain while climbing
+Fixed: Velo now uses proper midair animation when it bounces from climbable surface to another or when climbing fails before re-latching

Source: Steam

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