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Game Trailers: Inculinati Available through Xbox Game Preview

Yaza Games points this out Inculati available through Xbox Game Preview. We also get to see a fancy launch trailer and the press release has more information ready:

Inculati is an inkbased strategy game inspired by medieval manuscripts, in which a rabbit’s butt can be mightier than a dog’s sword. The players take on the role of one InculatiMeisters and harness the power of “Living Ink” to command hilarious but deadly fighters: donkeys that play trumpets with their butts, bishop cats that extinguish heretics with prayers, heavy but deadly slugs that kill whole units alive and eat bodies, and many more . Each stylishly inked creature plays a strategic role in battle, while legendary medieval characters like Dante and Hildegard can turn the tide.

To begin with Inculati Early Access offers a refined gameplay experience, two game modes and a wealth of content to discover. In the solo campaign, players fight famous InculatiMaster their journey across the land and tame fearsome beasts as they build their ultimate army. In a revival of the classic hot seat game mode, players can also choose others Inculati challenge in local PvP battles. Yaza Games confirmed plans to bring additional beasts, Inculati Expand masters and battlefields; an online multiplayer mode is also in the works.

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