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Scavengers Studio also shows the launch trailer SEASON: A letter to the future. In this new gameplay can be seen. SEASON: A letter to the future is available for PS4 and PS5 since yesterday.

The press release provides more information:

“I have started my work Season in the spring of 2020. The team’s vision suited my tastes and seemed like a surprising or even unusual approach to the world of video games, a world I knew almost nothing about at the time. Focusing on abstraction, mood, and environment, the musical systems often intersect and intertwine with the sonic biomes explored and captured in the game, in a process I call “musical wind.” To convey the feeling of the lost ‘old world’ in the aftermath of the collapse, the instrumentation was taken from early 20th century Impressionism. In a hyperrealistic virtual studio environment, the sounds were processed to fit the different Foley environments.” Spencer Doran, film score and sound director

Scavengers Studio also announces a partnership with RVNG Intl. to preorder the record and CD SEASON produce. More information will follow soon.

In SEASON: A letter to the future players experience the story of the young woman Estelle from a lonely village, who explores the world by bicycle for the first time and collects memories before a catastrophe washes everything away. SEASON is the discovery of a world that is new and yet looks familiar. Estelle documents, photographs and collects while she still can.

The gameplay within SEASON: A letter to the future is about exploration, documentation, meeting other people and understanding the strange world. Players can get off their bikes and unpack their recording equipment at any time. Each device records different elements: sounds and music, art and architecture, the voices of old people, religious practices that are disappearing, the traces of seasons long gone…

These tools help to better explore the world, ultimately helping Estelle understand the culture, history and ecology that underlie it.

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