War Thunder Patch Notes Update Today on February 1, 2023

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War Thunder Patch Notes Update on February 1, 2023

A recent update for War Thunder has just been rolled out. Below you will find all the details about this Game Update. War Thunder is now accessible across all platforms. The file size may differ depending on the platform.

In this overview, we aim to inform you about the ongoing efforts to enhance and rectify issues within the game. You can get information about all the updates released for War Thunder in the designated section on the website.

> You are encouraged to share your opinions on these changes in the designated “It’s fixed! №71” thread

Correct Placement of Decorations

There were instances where decorations on ground vehicles seemed to be floating arbitrarily above the vehicles. Various reasons caused this issue. For example, updating a vehicle model might require players to reattach decorations for proper display. Additionally, mounting decorations on top of additional armor and then removing the modification led to decorations staying in their original positions.

Rest assured, these issues have been rectified to ensure that your tank looks exactly as intended with decorations placed appropriately.

Cursor Control Fix

Several users with multiple monitors reported an issue where the cursor would escape to another screen during gameplay in fullscreen mode. This problem occurred during intense battles, especially in sea and helicopter combat scenarios when specific buttons were pressed or actions were taken.

The bug has been resolved, allowing players with multiple monitors to fully immerse themselves in battles without interruptions.

Enhanced Small Boat Destructibility

Realistic vehicle destructibility is a key aspect of War Thunder. An issue was discovered where the hulls of smaller boats would not break when struck by large calibre shells.

Now, the hull break parameters of small boats have been updated, ensuring that hits from large calibre shells will have the expected impact.

Improved Torpedo Tube Control

A significant improvement has been made for captains regarding torpedo tube control. Here are the details:

Various improvements have been made to simplify the control over torpedo tubes on ships and boats in the game. The update now automatically selects torpedo tubes based on the direction of the player’s view, removing the need for manual selection in the heat of battle. This enhancement aims to make torpedo tube control more intuitive and efficient for players during combat scenarios.

We believe this refinement will enhance the gameplay experience and allow players to focus more on strategic battles. Share your thoughts on this update in the comments!

Additional Updates

You can explore a comprehensive list of improvements in the detailed changelog, which includes various noteworthy enhancements. Notable fixes include the elimination of frame rate drops when the AB-205A-1 discards its rocket tubes, the addition of secondary munitions ammo count to MiG-29’s HUD, and the stabilization of the gun funnel during VR gameplay.

Further Enhancements

In this overview, a substantial array of beneficial fixes and game enhancements has been prepared. Make sure to review the complete list below for a comprehensive understanding of the updates.

We extend our gratitude for all the bug reports submitted through our special service.



  • AB-205A-1: A bug causing FPS drop after empty rocket tube disposal has been resolved (report).
  • MiG-29: Secondary munitions ammo count is now displayed on the HUD.
  • AGM-12: Resolved a bug leading to an underestimated number of fragments when fired from helicopters.
  • F-105D: Corrected the chaff rounds count for the AN/ALE-2 pod from 16 to 192.
  • SAAB J-35 (all versions): Improved controllability at low speeds for the “simplified” and “mouse aim” control modes.

Ground Vehicles

  • Fixed issue causing spaces between 3D decorations and ground vehicle hull after a model update.
  • Fixed bug where 3D decorations on additional armor remained suspended after disabling the modification.
  • LAV-AD: Corrected description of the commander’s NVD.
  • Challenger 2: Rectified bug where rubberized sideskirts remained after ERA modules were destroyed.
  • ZSU-57-2, WZ305: Resolved issue where there were duplicate researchable magazines with AP chambered shells.
  • OTOMATIC: Removed tracer from 76/62 HE-MOM and 76/62 SAPOM rounds.
  • Implemented new mechanics for torpedo sights improving user experience.


  • Fixed bug causing cursor and cannon marker to display erratically during turret rotation in referee mode.


  • Resolved bug where the gun funnel followed player’s view, now centered in the HUD.


  • Enhanced reload sounds for all guns in ground vehicles, providing more detailed sound cues for reload stages.
  • Added specific reload sounds for guns on ground vehicles with calibers of 100mm and above, offering a distinct audio experience.
  • Improved sounds of empty gun cartridges in gunner’s view camera for various calibers.
  • Enhanced suspension sounds on ground vehicles for dynamic representation of suspension conditions.
  • BM-13 Katyusha MLRS received unique sounds differentiating it from other systems.


  • Fixed bug causing cursor to move to the second monitor during fullscreen mode in naval and helicopter battles.

The changelog provided highlights the significant changes in this Update. Certain updates and fixes may not be explicitly mentioned here. War Thunder undergoes continuous enhancements, and specific fixes may be implemented without client updates.

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