Bloody Efforts Patch Notes Update Today on February 2, 2023

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A new update has been launched for Bloody Efforts. All the details of the game update are outlined below. Bloody Efforts is supported on all platforms. The file size may differ based on the platform.

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Patch Notes 1.15

Greetings! It’s been a while since the last patch, but we have some exciting new additions for you. There are new features, reworks, and the introduction of RANKING MODE! Now you can compete with players from around the globe to see who stands out as the best.

New Content:

  • Cardinal Ranking – A blend of PvP and PvE Rankings with global leaderboards. Daily Happy Hours allow you to challenge the top champions of Bloody Efforts and climb the leaderboards to claim the top spot! (Exclusive Rewards available)
  • Bishops – powerful custom Apostles that can utilize up to 70 Build Points (compared to 50 Points for normal Apostles). Bishops can be unlocked in Cardinal Ranking.
  • Community-made Hero: Dark Matter (aka Mr. Mountain) has arrived to disrupt and weaken enemy lines, being the strongest character in Bloody Efforts. Dark Matter was designed by one of our players SenSequ, known for creating potent builds that have left a mark on our games. This character introduces a unique playstyle and enriches the Hero Pool. Weekly Promotion: Obtain Hero for FREE on Official Discord.
  • Shooters REWORK – We aimed to enhance the variety and fun in shooting mechanics for all players. Damage, shooting delays, and missile speed for ranged weapons have undergone significant adjustments.
  • Various Shooting Weapons now have distinct shooting delays to provide a unique feel and align with damage output.
  • Increased base Throw Damage: 5.5 -> 7
  • Boosted Missile Speed: 1000 -> 1400
  • Reduced Altar Throw Damage bonus: 1 -> 0.8.
  • Enhanced Altar Throw Speed: 10% -> 12%.
  • Improved Level Throw Speed: 10% -> 12%.
  • Elevated Base Throw Cost: 20 -> 30.
  • Melee Buffs – With a shift in gameplay strength and shooter updates, we wanted to empower melee combatants with new options.
  • Raised base Attack Damage: 7.5 -> 8
  • Increased Altar Attack Speed: 10% -> 12%.
  • Reduced Level Attack Damage bonus: 1 -> 1.2.
  • Enhanced Level Attack Speed: 10% -> 12%.
  • Unlocking all Cards & Abilities Rarity decreased from level 40 to level 28 – allowing faster hero customization 🙂
  • Option to copy existing Heroes’ builds is now available – look for the copy icon on any fighter card in the bottom right corner.
  • All Fonts replaced – All fonts across languages have been updated for uniformity and visibility of special characters for global accessibility (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean player names are now displayed correctly).

Card Changes:

  • Ground (7) – To enhance player engagement, the skill has been revamped.: NEW: Root Renewal – Damage to the Apostle rooted by you regenerates you for 40% of the dealt damage.
  • Wizard (3) – Reduced Ability Resistance Reduction on Hit: 75% -> 35%.
  • Butcher (5) – Changed health regeneration from: 2% Max Health per Hit to: 3% of Current Health per Hit.

Ability Changes:

  • Seismic Golem – Resistance lowered: 60% -> 50%

Changes & Bug Fixes:

  • Client – Resolved a minor visual bug related to item quantity in the inventory.
  • Game – Legacy of the Gods – Buff Death Herald – now begins on cooldown
  • Game – Legacy of the Gods – Buff Charming – now starts off cooldown

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