Infinity Wars – Animated Trading Card Game Patch Notes Update Today on February 2, 2023

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A new update has been released for Infinity Wars – Animated Trading Card Game. You can find all the Game Update details below. Infinity Wars – Animated Trading Card Game is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Welcome to the newest patch for Infinity Wars Classic, Alpha version 0.79.0

We’ve just announced Revelations, our next set for Infinity Wars Classic! Sign up here to go into a draw to win a custom profile picture (not available through the Kickstarter) and also be notified when the Kickstarter goes live. In the meantime, enjoy our brand new daily rewards system and have your voice heard by voting in game on which version of Pras’s card art should be the set’s main artwork.

Patch Notes

Major Features

Daily Login Rewards

We now have the first version of daily login rewards implemented! Log in each day to claim the rewards for that day, to progress through the weeks rewards.
Each day is synchronized to the server time, so that it’s universal for all players. If you miss a day, your progression will be reset. If you complete the full week, your progression will also reset the next day.
To view your current progression, in the main menu go to Rewards -> Daily Login.

Minor Features

Targeting Zone Focusing

When entering targeting mode, the valid zones for that cards targeting effect now get focused. This will darken the rest of the battlefield, making it more clear of what’s available to target.
This option can be enabled in Settings -> Gameplay -> Targeting Zone Focusing.


  • Fixed the Exile mechanic causing Desyncs after attempting to Undo it.
  • Fixed leaderboard prizes not showing tooltips.
  • Fixed the purchase result screen in the store not laying out the purchased items properly when 3 items have been purchased (E.g. Bundles with pack, pic and title in them).
  • Fixed pack opening not positioning card drops properly after opening a pack.
  • Fixed Tutorial 2 Lose Behaviour.
  • Fixed Set Numbers for promotional cards.
  • Fixed card render in deck builder list view sometimes loading the incorrect art asset.
  • Fixed the popup message scroll view not updating height of the content for enabling the scroll view of the text.
  • Fixed Draft Panel showing Costs.
  • Fixed location external passives incorrectly disabling the location just played, if the user moved one in their hand (E.g. playing an Untapped Wilderness, and then moving another Untapped Wilderness in the hand would stop the first Untapped Wilderness from lowering the cost of your playable cards).
  • Fixed Dragon Of Autumn wind drawing dragon cards.
  • Fixed Defiant Brutes effect triggering from commander zone.

Source: Steam

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