CrossfireX Video Game Service Will no Longer be Available After May 18th

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By no means was CrossfireX a top-tier game. Since its debut, it has been plagued with a terrible response, an even worse delivery, and a brief lifecycle. This decision was purportedly made by the game’s core developer, Smilegate, because “the game isn’t ultimately where it needs to be.”


Strangely, Smilegate, who created the multiplayer platform for CrossfireX, is also losing control over the single-player platform, which was put together by Remedy, the studio behind Control and Alan Wake, among other games. The complete end-to-end CrossfireX product will vanish as of May 18, 2023.

You Get Absolutely Nothing!

It lasted only a full year after CrossfireX’s release in February 2022 before it was canceled. It is a component of the Crossfire series, which has roots dating back to 2007 when it first appeared as an attempt to compete with Counter-Strike.

CrossfireX, an Xbox-exclusive game, had two components: a premium single-player mode and a multiplayer mode that was free to play. Reviews were unfavorable, disappointing, and depressing when it was released. IGN, for instance, gave the multiplayer a 2/10 rating.

This is irrelevant because CrossfireX will be completely shut down as of May 18.

The creators clarified a few things in a sincere statement:

  • All sales have been stopped as of right now on the Xbox Store.
  • Between now till the shutdown, there will be nothing new added.
  • Refunds are available for purchases made within the last 14 days.
  • The single-player and multiplayer components of the game will become unplayable on May 18.

Because CrossfireX’s multiplayer component was a free-to-play platform, it featured microtransactions implemented to pay for development. Unfortunately, the players who invested any money in the platform will be forgotten and have nothing to show.

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