When Will the PlayStation 5 Surpass the PlayStation 4 in Total Sales and Become the Leading Console in the Market?

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been hard to find since its release in November 2020. Even yet, the PS5 has maintained remarkable overall sales despite significant setbacks.

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By the end of 2022, the PS5 had sold over 30 million units, which is remarkable considering that it was introduced when there was a global epidemic and a shortage of supplies. For the same 26-month period since its initial release, it still trails the PS4 in overall sales. That raises the question of when PS5 sales will surpass those of PS4.

We now have a good sense of when that will occur, thanks to the most recent data from VGChartz.

PS5 Sales Are On The Rise

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Let’s review the past now before moving on to the future. We must examine the 26 months beginning with the release of each console. In its first 26 months, the PS5 has sold almost 30.4 million units, according to the most recent figures from VGChartz. During the same time, from November 2013 to December 2015, the PS4 generated 35.9 million in sales.

A total of almost 5 million consoles were not sold in that period. The disparity does narrow somewhat when you consider the 12 months from months 14 to 26 on the market. The PS4 barely outsells the PS5 by 3.9 million during that same time.

Even though there is a noticeable overall change in sales, the causes—the pandemic and goods shortages—can be identified. Once the data is visualized, you can still see a good indicator for PS5 sales.

The graph above was obtained from VGChartz directly. As you can see, the PS5 and PS4 had a consistent overlay until a sizable gap appeared. But then, look at the PS5 at the end of that line. Take note of the turn-up just before month 26. While it is moving in a direction similar to the last-generation system’s, there is a good probability that the robust sales will continue, given Sony’s pledge of additional PS5 stock.

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In the ensuing six to twelve months, the PS5 may begin to outsell the PS4. The PS4 sold over 40 million units in month 31 and over 50 million in month 38. It is reasonable that the PS5 will reach 50 million milestones more quickly than the PS4. However, that is premised on Sony’s assertions that stock will better meet demand.

As of the beginning of the year, the PS4 has sold over 117 million systems globally.

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