Broken Universe – Tower Defense Patch Notes Update Today on February 5, 2023

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A new update has been released for Broken Universe – Tower Defense. You can find all the Game Update details below. Broken Universe – Tower Defense is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


Dear Users!
Update news are here from Broken Universe development team.

Broken Universe is officially released!🎉🎉

To commemorate the official release, a 20% discount will be held for a week, so please look forward to it.

The 1.0 update, which coincides with this official release, includes tons of new content, including new Chapters, new Operation, Expanded Armory, new buildings and fusion towers, new skills, and new skins. 🤩😆 Here we introduce the details of the update.

🚀Update Highlights

New Chapters

The 9th main chapter and the 3rd sub-chapter have been newly added. Challenge yourself to colorful and suspenseful stages on a unique new planet.

New Operation

A new operation “Troy” has been added. Destroy Troy by dealing with monsters spraying out of Troy. If successful, many parts can be obtained as rewards.

New Content: Renovation

Renovate the strengthened building to make it even stronger. Modifications require parts, cores, or dimension stones.

New Content: Expanded Armory

Meet the ever-expanding arsenal of Paca joining the ship. 10 new weapons have been added and new weapons can be modified.

Endless Mode Deleted

We deleted the endless mode that made the existing gameplay flow boring and focused on developing various contents.

Level Design Improvements

Level design has been improved across all chapters. Various improvements have been made to reduce the complexity of the game and make the game more fun to play.

Various Additional Elements

Discover new buildings, new fusion towers, new skills, new skins and new rewards.


Rewards have been strengthened and resource requirements have been adjusted in many areas. In addition, in accordance with the addition of new buildings, we have reinforced the balance of buildings that were difficult to use in the past and applied special additional effects so that the “Energy Cube” skill can be used more diversely. In addition to this, we have weakened the attack power of large monsters so that they can respond more easily.

Hidden Content

Play new content and face new challenges.

Strategy Sketch

Sketch your strategy on the screen through the strategy sketch function. You can use the function at any time before or after starting the game, and the game will be paused during the game.


Spanish has been added.

📜v.1.0.0 Patch Node

New Chapters

The 9th main chapter and the last main chapter leading to the ending “Flox” and the 3rd sub-chapter “Delicia” have been added.

The terrifying volcanic planet Flox includes 9 main stages and 9 special stages.
Each stage consists of 10 different stages in Delicia.
Enjoy a variety of challenges on a unique new planet.

New Operation

A new operation “Troy” has been added.

Troy Operation is a content where many parts can be obtained as rewards, and a Trojan Horse appears instead of a monster portal. Monsters jump out of the Trojan Horse and land in unpredictable locations. Destroy all Trojan horses within the time limit to complete the mission.

New Content: Renovation

A Renovation content has been added.
Renovation is content that can further strengthen buildings and weapons and is activated when Chapter 4 is cleared.

Renovation requires a lot of parts, cores or dimension stones, and must be fully enhanced.
Push the performance of your building to the limit through renovation.

New Content: Expanded Armory

A Expanded Armory content has been added.
Now, after clearing Chapter 6, the armory will expand and you will be able to purchase 10 new weapons.

New weapons can be purchased using gold, and upgrades require the same plane stones and components as the base weapon. In addition, entry-level weapons cannot be renovate, but new weapons in the Expanded Armory can be renovate.

  • Minigun (7th Chapter)
  • Mortar (7th Chapter)
  • Ice Blaster (7th Chapter)
  • Fire Blaster (7th Chapter)
  • Defensive Missile (8th Chapter)
  • Flare Launcher (8th Chapter)
  • Sonar Machine (8th Chapter)
  • Laser Perforator (9th Chapter)
  • Dynamic Defense System (9th Chapter)
  • Death Trap (9th Chapter)

New Buildings

4 new buildings have been added.

  • Spike Barrier (LV.10)
  • Impact Barrier (LV.28)
  • Railgun (LV.32)
  • Quadra System (LV.34)

New Fusion Towers

3 new fusion towers have been added.

  • Nano Alloy Barrier (Spike Barrier + Carbon Barrier)
  • Gauss Cannon (Gauss Pulsar + Air Blaster)
  • Tactical Nuclear Silo (Destroyer + Railgun)

New Skills

2 new skills have been added.

  • Decay Beam (LV.31)
  • Drone Strike (LV.33)

New Skins

5 new skins have been added.

  • Submarine (LV.35)
  • Dragon (LV.35)
  • Golden (LV.40)
  • Skull (LV.40)
  • Wedding Cake (3rd Sub-chapter Hard Clear)

New Achievements

3 new achievements have been added.

  • Flox
  • Delicia
  • Love!

New Reward

A new reward that can be received when clearing a planet on Hard difficulty has been added.
Both the main and sub-chapter planets are eligible for significant rewards.

Endless Mode Deleted

“Endless Mode” content has been removed.

Endless Mode was developed as an alternative to quickly increase the amount of content in the early development stage of the game, but currently does not play a positive role in the game’s content composition. Endless mode was one of the contents that made the game boring, so we removed it and focused on reinforcing other contents.

Level Design Improvements

Stage level design has been improved across all chapters.
The number of overly complex stages has been reduced and the game has been made a little easier to play, and overall the size of the stages has been reduced, the terrain that cannot be built is reduced, and the difficulty level has been adjusted.

Hidden Content

Discover hidden content and face new challenges.

Language Support

“Spanish” has been newly added, and the translation quality for Simplified Chinese has been improved.


  • Added a “Strategy Sketch” function that allows you to sketch your strategy in real time using different markers in-game. It is available in the game through a new button on the bottom right, and the game pauses while using the strategy sketch function.
  • The game no longer automatically pauses in the background in windowed mode.
  • “Beam Tower” will now rescan targets to attack when their priorities have changed.
  • Improved notifications or UI for situations in various places.
  • Added game tips to the game loading screen.
  • Optimized gameplay performance.


  • Star Collecting
    Rewards have been significantly increased, up to 2x.
  • Expedition
    Dimension stone rewards have been greatly increased, up to 5x.
  • Manufacturing
    Dimension stone rewards have been greatly increased, up to 5x.
    Common Manufacturing Cost (Dimension Stone): 15 → 10
    Advanced Manufacturing Cost (Dimension Stone): 50 → 30
  • Standard Missile
    Reduced the number of parts required to upgrade by 25%.
  • Standard Pulsar
    Reduced the number of parts required to upgrade by 33%.
  • Wall
    4/5/6/7/8th Chapter : HP +5, DEF +1
  • Mine Launcher
    Delay: 250 → 225
  • Flame Thrower
    Delay: 225 → 250
  • Destroyer
    Delay: 400 → 425
  • Giant Rifle
    Att: 100/120/140 → 80/90/100
    Pen: 5/10/15 → 20/40/60
    Delay: 600 → 650
  • Armor Breaker
    Pen: 30 → 25
    Range: 425 → 450
  • Beam Striker
    Att: 200 → 150
    Pen: 50 → 100
    Delay: 600 → 650
  • Textile Bomb
    Power: 50 → 40
    Cooldown: 45s → 35s
  • Energy Cube
    It still blocks the path, but monsters no longer perceive the path as blocked.
    Make nearby monsters attack the cube.
    It is no longer affected by the “Core Shield” skill.
1st Chapter
  • Hippo
    Att: 90 → 80
2nd Chapter
  • Rhino
    Att: 90 → 80
  • Rage Elephant
    Skill casting: 6s~12s → 8s~14s
    Water cannon’s effect duration: 8s → 6s
  • Greedy Ostrich
    Skill casting: 6s~12s → 8s~14s
3rd Chapter
  • Blowfish
    Blow att: HP 100% → HP 75%
    Blow att max: 150 → 100
  • Blue Whale
    Att: 90 → 70
    Pen: 0 → 10
  • Tortoise
    Att: 120 → 100
4th Chapter
  • Camel
    Att: 140 → 110
  • Hedgehog
    Att: 125 → 100
    Pen: 30 → 25
    Thron’s att: 40% → 50%
5th Chapter
  • Elk
    Att: 140 → 120
    Pen: 20 → 10
  • Monster Tree
    Att: 160 → 140
6th Chapter
  • Dead Tree
    Att: 160 → 125
    Pen: 10 → 15
  • Giant Panda
    Att: 130 → 110
  • Super Alpaca
    Att: 90 → 80
7th Chapter
  • Polar Bear
    Att: 150 → 125
  • Barbaric Reindeer
    Att: 140 → 120
8th Chapter
  • Mystic Golem
    Att: 140 → 120
  • Mystic Knight
    Att: 140 → 120
  • Living Armor
    Def: 100 → 0
    Living Armor has the ability to always reduce damage taken to life by 1, so armor changes have no effect. Living Armor always takes only 1 damage no matter how high or extra damage it takes, so it’s better to use a strategy to remove it with a quick and sustained attack.
1st Sub-chapter
  • Sparrow
    Att: 110 → 100
    Pen: 5 → 0
  • Bus
    Att: 150 → 125
  • Hotdog Stand
    Pen: 15 → 5
    Aoe: 150R → 100R
    Hotdog cannon’s Pen: 30 → 10
2nd Sub-chapter
  • Contrabass
    Att: 135 → 120
    Pen: 10 → 0
  • Giant Disco Ball
    Att: 110 → 90

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the stage ranking function did not work.
  • Fixed an issue in the second stage of the tutorial where progress would become impossible when the build panel was open.
  • Fixed an issue where the application time of stun, delay debuffs, and movement speed debuffs added when attacking was not calculated based on the attacker.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability of “Energy Tank” was not applied.
  • Fixed an issue with the Shield Recharge ability displaying an abnormally high amount of shield charge.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would not take any damage when “Energy Cube” exploded.
  • Fixed an issue where information about drones was displayed incorrectly when the number of drones was already maxed out at the start of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the number related to Knockback was displayed incorrectly in the Building Enhancement options.

We sincerely thank all users of Broken Universe during the Early Access. 💖
We are a small indie team of three people, but thanks to our users, we were able to keep developing the game.
We will continue to do our best to make more fun games.

Thanks! 🌟

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