Dragon Age: Dreadwolf New Details have Emerged

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According to sources who asked to remain anonymous, Dragon Age Dreadwolf may be closer than prior rumors revealed.

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Dreadwolf’s eight-year development started in 2015 and has seen many important alterations. EA must still announce the game’s release date, though. The game’s release date had previously been rumored to be 2023.

The game still needs functionality, has unfinished character lines, and still has traces of its past, which abruptly altered course in early 2021, according to sources familiar with the project. According to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, Dragon Age Dreadwolf switched from its intended multiplayer components to a single-player game.

One source said, “the game seemed a bit like Destiny with a central hub where players could regroup before launching onto the next adventure.” Two individuals confirmed that some multiplayer components are still “sensed” in the game’s current build. In Dreadwolf’s single-player mode, the gaming hub will still be crucial.

Like its predecessors, Dreadwolf’s gameplay revolves around finding and developing your crew, which you’ll meet via finishing tasks. As you advance through the game, your hired staff will inhabit your hub, where you can equip and modify them with various items. It is understood that you can travel from your hub to missions using a mirrored portal.

One person who recently experienced the game claimed that the combat was more akin to a hack-and-slash than in previous games. The fighting wheel resembles Final Fantasy 15 in this game. Regarding your crew, it was rumored that you could not command them and could only choose the combat spells they could cast.

Who knows when Dragon Age Dreadwolf will be released, but the lack of voice lines and the use of placeholder text point to a later release date than first reported. There are no confirmed release dates, but we wouldn’t be shocked if the game launches in 2024.

We required further confirmation, even though there was much more information offered. As new sources become available, we will update our report.

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