Revealing New Information on the Upgraded Features of the IndyCar Game

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As development on the product proceeds, we have received updated information from Motorsport Games regarding features in the upcoming IndyCar game.

IndyCar Game_

Championship Mode will be the game’s primary mode. To win numerous cosmetic awards and an IndyCar Series championship, players in this mode must complete a whole IndyCar season. Players will have access to “Quickplay” and “Online” modes in addition to Championship Mode.

IndyCar will also have customization, including personalized driver helmets. Last but not least, the game will give players access to a fully functional photo mode.

Since many specifics have yet to be settled upon or fully implemented, no information was provided regarding specific categories of online racing.

Due to the game’s ongoing development, certain game elements may change. The build that is now visible is from October. However, a new one is about to be pushed for testing. According to sources, the main menu that we were shown was recently altered.

IndyCar is a Motorsport Games game that will debut in 2023. According to numerous sources close to the game’s production, the internal schedule now calls for a late spring or early summer release, likely around June or July. That, however, is still subject to change as the business works to resolve its financial issues.

One participant said, “There’s always the possibility of it pushing to later in the season.” But it will happen this year, right in the middle of the IndyCar season.

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