The Leap 23 conference looks at the most important technologies of tomorrow’s international companies

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The Leap 23 international technical conference will be launched over a period of four days, with the participation of many experts, talents, innovators and world leading companies in the fields of technology and innovation tomorrow in Riyadh. An enjoyable experience exploring the latest industries global and innovations.

“AUVETECH” company will also exhibit the world’s first free-standing hydrogen-powered vehicle, and for the best physical interaction with VR, the conference will host “BHAPTICS” company, which specializes in manufacturing virtual reality game accessories in the The company will also showcase “MIRROR” in collaboration with Italian brand “PINKO” Leap23 visitors will show how to create and personalize digitally printed bags.

To understand humans from the point of view of robots, Japanese robotics engineer and artificial intelligence pioneer Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro will introduce the robot “GEMINOID” he looks like, who will participate in the presentation on the future of robots and man-machine interactions.

The conference will also host astronaut Dr. Merritt Moore to present his expertise in robot and artificial intelligence programming. MAGIC KEYS will also participate in the exhibition, providing an augmented reality experience to exhibition visitors through its most outstanding technical products.

Leap 23 derives its prominence from its interest in the future of technology and its actual role, and in finding pioneering innovative solutions to the most important challenges facing the industry. For technology companies, investment and a major player in the process of digital transformation locally and globally.

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