Carth Playtest Patch Notes Update Today on February 6, 2023

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A new update has been rolled out for Carth Playtest, with all the latest Game Update details provided below. Carth Playtest is compatible with all platforms, and the file size may vary based on the platform.

Carth Playtest_

Carth Alpha 1.92a1 Update Highlights:
– Rectified flooring issues in the Alchemist House
– Adjusted the welcome message
– Included sound effects for shields
– Categorized Normal Enemies and Demons separately
– Enabled Demons and Normal enemies to engage in fights with each other
– Addressed Loading screen problems
– Resolved Deciduous Rock harvesting glitches
– Corrected misspelling of Horse Stables
– Increased enemy and demon spawners around Viernes
– Fixed rendering issue underwater far from 0,0,0 in the Ocean
– Added a combat tutorial
– Improved X bow and arrow damage
– Enhanced Undead Combat mechanics

For more details, visit the Steam announcements.

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