Activision Confirms 2023 Release of Premium ‘Call of Duty’ Game

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During its most recent quarterly call, Activision confirmed publishing a “full annual premium release” in the Call of Duty series in 2023.

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Jason Schreier of Bloomberg stated in 2017 that Treyarch Games would postpone the 2023 release of Call of Duty. Activision revealed on its most recent financial call that it would release a new premium game this year. Shortly after, Schreier addressed Activision’s claims, stating that Call of Duty 2023, which is Modern Warfare 2’s second year, will be created by Sledgehammer Games.

Because previous Activision earnings calls have identified “premium” products as $70 games, confusion has developed around what constitutes a “premium title.” Year two of DLC, though, would imply something else.

Unfortunately, and if accurate, Activision’s use of the term “premium title” could imply that Modern Warfare 2 year two will cost $70, as opposed to Zombie Chronicles’ $29.99 price.

Activision’s most recent statement regarding this year’s Call of Duty title reads: “Across the Call of Duty franchise, our teams are working to build on the fourth quarter’s success, with 2023 plans including even more compelling live services across platforms and the next full annual premium release in the blockbuster series.”

Are you excited for Modern Warfare 2 to return next year?

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