Apple has Introduced New Firmware for The MagSafe Duo

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Apple upgraded the MagSafe Duo charger’s software to make it compatible with the Apple Watch and iPhone versions that support MagSafe. Although the version number of the settings app has increased from to 256.1067.0, the new firmware is version 10M3063.

Apple has introduced new firmware for the MagSafe Duo__

Since its first debut in 2020 alongside the iPhone 12 models, the MagSafe Duo has yet to receive a firmware upgrade. Apple has altered the MagSafe Duo firmware for the first time, but no notes are available to explain the changes.

Apple’s MagSafe Duo is designed to power an iPhone and an Apple Watch, but it struggles to charge the bulky Apple Watch Ultra. In a support article, Apple explains how to position the Apple Watch Ultra so that it charges most efficiently. The Apple Watch Ultra is not listed as a compatible device on the MagSafe Duo page of Apple’s website. In some circumstances, the band must be removed before the Ultra, and the Duo cooperates.

The MagSafe Duo must be plugged in and linked to an Apple device for a firmware update, but there is no apparent procedure for doing so. Following the steps in our MagSafe guide, you can check the firmware on your MagSafe Duo.

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