As part of the “Leap23” conference The National Program for the Development of Information Technologies launches 6 initiatives

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The National Program for the Development of Information Technologies was launched during the second edition of the International Technical Conference “LEAP 2023”, held in Riyadh, and is organized by the “Ministry of Communications and Information Technology” and the ” Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones”, in the period from 6 to 9 February. A series of initiatives in cooperation with many government and private agencies, aiming to develop the technical sector and develop it to reach the global level, which contribute to the development of the technical sector in the Kingdom.

Among the most notable initiatives is the “Relocate” initiative, which aims to expand the field of technical investments in the Kingdom by supporting emerging global technology companies and multinationals by providing financial incentives to encourage them to make the decision to expand and open offices in the Kingdom, in addition to the “Venture Debt” initiative dedicated to business projects and startups, which facilitate the procedures for obtaining new financing solutions with guarantees that do not require physical assets or cash liquidity, and the initiative was also launched “Boost”, which aims to empower and support entrepreneurs specialized in the field of technology to reduce the financial risks facing entrepreneurs, and assist them through Embracing them from partners and supporting them in building their experiences in creating their companies.

The “TechCrew” initiative was also launched, which aims to support technology micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and provide them with all the support and empowerment in attracting local national expertise to fill technical administrative positions, through the advance of part of the employee’s salary at a rate of 50%.

In continuity with the series of initiatives, the “CONNECT” initiative was launched, the objectives of which are focused on supporting and empowering local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that provide technical services to increase their efficiency and qualify them to meet the requirements of major technical projects to increase the content of gross domestic product.

The BRIDGE initiative has also been launched, which in turn aims to support emerging technology companies in international expansion into countries outside the Kingdom and supply their services or products to increase the share of exports and collect profits from other countries.

Interestingly, the National Information Technology Development Program was established to sustain and accelerate the growth of the information technology sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Help strengthen it, increase domestic product and ensure sustainable growth.

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