Game Trailers: Destiny 2 new trailer for the Lightfall expansion

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Bungie shows off a new trailer for the upcoming Lightfall expansion for destination 2. In it we get to see the new focus line and all information about it is available in the accompanying press release:

New skein Super:

  • Warlock Scionweaver: Needlestorm
    • Floating in the air, Warlocks summon a wave of penetrating strand missiles. When these projectiles hit their enemies, they explode and intertwine into threads that follow nearby targets.
  • Titan Berserker: Blade Frenzy
    • Titans form great swords on their arms as they roam the battlefield with light and heavy attacks. Light Attacks allow the Titans to knock down their enemies quickly and build up energy for their Heavy Attacks, swinging their swords to fire projectiles that tie down and incapacitate their enemies on impact.
  • Hunter Wirewalker: Silk Strike
    • Hunters weave a rope arrow to kill their enemies. The light attack throws the arrow forward to hit a single enemy. Hitting an enemy with the tip of the arrow deals extra damage, and defeating enemies in this way causes them to explode. The heavy attack swings the rope arrow across a wide area, dealing damage to all enemies in the area.

With Strang, each class can access the new Hangle ability, allowing players to swing through Neomuna and fight the Shadow Legion.

The Lightfall extension for destination 2 available from February 28.

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