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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a new trailer for the upcoming season Apex Legends. This is called “Festival” and starts on February 14. The trailer offers an indepth look at Team Deathmatch mode, revamped Legend classes, Nemesis Assault Rifle, and more.

For more information, see the press release:

Players can expect the following in the new season:

  • Team Deathmatch: A legendary team deathmatch mode is coming to Apex Legends. Players form squads and take part in a 6v6 game where they must take down their opponents to score. The first player to win three rounds wins the game. Players can collect kills on Habitat 4 (Sturmpunkt), Skull City (Königsschlucht), and Partycrasher (Solace).
  • Revamped Legend Classes: Legends are even more legendary with the revamped classes and will change Apex games forever. The roster is divided into Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support classes to highlight each Legend’s strengths with specific perks for each class.
  • Nemesis Assault Rifle: Revelry introduces the Nemesis, a new energyclass assault rifle that fires four rounds per burst. With a fire delay that shortens the time between salvos and simulates a fully automatic weapon, the Nemesis is guaranteed to be a game changer.
  • Orienteering Games: Orienteering games are a great way for newcomers to the Outlands to become familiar with the game and the basic mechanics of Apex Legends get to know. Players can play alone or with friends to take down some bots before entering the regular match queue.
  • Birthday Collect Event: The celebration continues with this year’s Birthday Collect Event, which includes a line of community rewards and limitedtime Legendary Squad cosmetics. Completing the Birthday Collection rewards players with 150 Heirloom Shards for unlocking an Heirloom or Vanity Skin of their choice.
  • New Battle Pass: Players can dress up for the wildest party in Outlands history with the Festivity Battle Pass and earn spectacular rewards in daily and weekly challenges.
  • Login Rewards: To celebrate the anniversary of Apex Legends and its community, all players will receive login rewards for the first two weeks of Celebration. Players who log in between February 14 and February 21 can automatically unlock Crypto with a themed pack guaranteed to contain an item just for him. Log in between February 21 and February 28 to unlock the Incisive Rebel Ash skin and one of her Ash themed packs.

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